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SVC Clothing during the pandemic

SVC Clothing, in its own way, supports our frontliners, our health workers and the support staff, in our fight against COVID19.

When the community quarantine was first announced mid March 2020, some of our employees and sewers opted to stay quarantined at our shop. Meanwhile due to the dire need of Frontliners for PPE's at that time, we decided to help, by producing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) sets for our frontliners.

SVC Clothing developed and produced these two types of protective suits:

1. Hooded coverall (Bunny suit) + Shoe Cover + Face mask - Fabric: Non-woven 90gsm (waterproof) 2. Isolation gown + Shoe Cover + Face Mask + head cap - Fabric: Non-woven 30-60gsm (waterproof)

We produced these PPEs for the private sector who needed them. We also worked out donation drives to gather funds from our friends with big hearts, who wanted to support our health workers. All funds gathered from donations are used solely for PPEs to be donated to local govt hospitals.

At the time of this writing, three (3) batches of PPE donations were made for Mandaluyong City Medical Center (MCMC) and National Center for Mental Health (NCMH). We have also made numerous donations and support to other groups, while also supplying low cost PPEs to local barangay workers.

We are thankful for our staff, and our friends who donated. They enabled us to be able to help protect our front liners thru donation of these PPE's.

By helping each other, together, we can fight Covid19!

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