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We have an order from a local Travel and Tours Company, based in Quezon City

This client was referred by another client last year. They are a repeat customer this year, as they were very happy that we delivered the items timely.

The Polo shirt has custom design, the main color is green, and has white and moss green color combination.

The embroidery work is of high quality, with the world map, the aeroplane and the cruise ship logo being easily recognizable despite the small size of chest logo.

There is also an embroidery of the company website at the back of the shirt.

The materials used are of high quality Honeycomb Fabric, suitable for company uniforms. At around 260 gsm, the fabric is not thin, and not too thick. This is the standard material we offer. Since it is not too thick, the material is breathable enough and not too hot to wear. We swear by the honeycomb material from our supplier because it is not color-fast, meaning it does not easily fade, and the fabric has good structure and drape.

All these were supplied with a very reasonable price.

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To be a premier company in the manufacture of quality uniforms, SVC clothing engages in mass production of custom clothing / uniform for various industries and organizations. We take pride on our commitment to Quality, Customer Service, and Value for Money. We also value being always on-time, when it comes the delivery of the uniforms we supply.

When the company started last January 2015 in Mandaluyong City, we used to supply corporate uniforms for private companies only. But since early 2017, we have moved into the garments business catering to mass production of clothing/uniform for both private companies and government agencies.

We started to work with schools, logistics, shipping, engineering and construction companies that year. The next year we added more schools and more private companies which we got mainly from referrals. We also continued to work with public/government organizations since we are registered in PHILGEPS as a supplier.

As of January 2020, SVC clothing moved to a bigger location and expanded further to increase our production capacity primarily to cater to more schools and private companies. We have strengthened our partnership with our suppliers and capability partners to deliver quality uniforms to our clients in a timely manner.

For updates on our products, clients may check our facebook page at

We can be reached at our email at

Call us at 📞0905-3537560 ; 0933-8593749 ; 09056666551

☎️(02) 532-2388 ; (02) 463-7649

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